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Turn your wounds into wisdom

Turn your wounds into wisdom

Turn your wounds into wisdom

Turning your wounds into wisdom and your pain into an opportunity to learn something new about yourself, the human nature, and the world that we live in isn’t easy, but oh so necessary.

So take all the painful and hurtful things, pick them all up, and one by one lay down each weight so you can do better and breathe easier.

A lot of the time we hold onto the things that cause us pain, and without releasing them we incubate them until they turn into an infection that needs more¬†strategic healing. Don’t let the hard harsh things things and experiences drive so deep into your heart that you become consumed in the pain. Refuse to settle in the hurt and disappointment so much so that you become blind and numb to the beauty that we are meant to see, breathe and experience on this earth- even if fleeting.


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  • N says:

    I agree that holding on to pain can cause it to fester, much like an infection. And I admit, there are many times I let my pain, unpleasant memories, resentment, etc blind me from beautiful events unfolding right in front of me. And you are right, life is fleeting. I shouldn’t be wasting time.
    – an instagram follower

    • Alethea Awuku says:

      Amen. It’s a daily decision to LET IT GO, and fill yourself up with scripture. Being intentional daily and not juts wishing the pain, hurt, offence will go away. x

Alethea Awuku

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