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Our imperfect, perfect wedding

Our imperfect, perfect wedding

Our imperfect, perfect wedding

My wedding day was imperfect and beautiful.

I say imperfect because not all the things that you put into place really happen on the day and there is nothing you can do about it!

My focus on my day was on the overwhelming presence that I felt within me which was God’s peace. Although in my single years, I had always imagined what my wedding day would look and feel like, I had not given much thought to how I myself would be actually feeling, and what I would be thinking when the big day came.

It is a day that is filled with so much anticipation, expectation, nerves and emotion and with such a big build up, I could have let the little hiccups here and there ruin the whole day…

For example;

I had always thought that when the time came for me to walk down the aisle my mind would be overwhelmingly filled with the wonderful awesome thought of that day the Bridegroom (Christ) receives His bride (me), and how awesome that Stan and I got to experience its shadow here on earth..

My thoughts were rudely interrupted by the invading realisation that my dress was doubling up under my feet with each step I took, and that my cloud like train was dragging everything in its sight with it!

Ah well… What can you do? I kicked my feet as hard as I could so I wouldn’t go down with it! 🙂

Typically, like many bride to be’s and many singles I had consumed copious amounts of gorgeous edited wedding videos on Youtube, aswell as beautiful filtered photos on social media. Too much of this and you almost- just almost forget that imperfection exists. For those that don’t know I am quite the perfectionist (It can sometimes be a bit sickening). The whole Microsoft Office suite played a major feature in our wedding planning and should have been given a shout out during the speeches!

For a perfectionist and orderly person like me it was difficult to ignore a lot of things that didn’t go as planned on the day, and it was equally frustrating when I was unable to physically walk over and fix things or put things straight.

Once I (finally) got to the end of the aisle, I looked at Stan and smiled. Although outwardly I was a little bit frazzled, inwardly my posture was one of complete stillness, peace and joy. In that moment, I realised that just like our wedding day, we were also two very imperfect people vowing before God and our closest and dearest to spend the rest of our lives here on earth with each other. Our journey, our story, our personalities, our visions, our purposes, faith, future and hope was laid out before me, and it was in that moment that I breathed a sigh of release…

…I found him who my soul loves… (Songs of Solomon 3:4) and that is all that matters. Grace then made its grand entrance and enveloped my heart with an overwhelming sense of peace and calm.

Weddings come and go. People get married every single day, and everyday there is someone new to celebrate.

The secret to having a truly beautiful day cannot be really found in the perfectly positioned hair or manicured nails, blinding diamond ring or delicate drapes and lighting.

They all have their place, but what makes a wedding day truly beautiful is the exchange taking place between two people, and the blessing of the Lord upon a couple. Grace, mercy and love all coming and agreeing to walk together in the hearts of two people as they make a decision to become one.

My song choice for my entrance was “Holy Spirit” by Bryan and Katie Torwalt.

You can listen to it here.

Holy Spirit you are welcome here was prayerfully upon my heart for weeks because in truth without welcoming the Holy Spirit to lead and direct us we go astray, and cannot walk in wisdom and knowledge.

Without the Lord there is no life within us.

It is far easier to go through the motions in order to receive the applause and validation from culture and tradition but to receive endorsement, direction, affirmation and applause from the Lord is priceless.

To my sisters who are currently engaged, or in a courtship praying and planning for marriage my advice would be not to focus on the peripheral things. They have their place but I plead with you to keep your mind, eyes and heart upon the relationship that you are in because that will endure long after the lights have gone out at the hall, the food has finished and all the guests have take danced, clapped, laughed, drank and left (with theirs and other peoples favours!) to continue their own lives.

Becoming so preoccupied with the details and with the wedding day itself can rob you of the blessing of the actual moment. Prayer is essential. Pray for yourself, Pray for the day, pray for your husband to be, pray with those that are around you if you can. To be continued in another post .

Some pics from our wedding day! 🙂

Waiting and reflecting 26/02/2016
Waiting and reflecting



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