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This will be my first Christmas as a wife, and it feels quite exciting!

One of the things that has been upon my heart as a new wife, is establishing our own family traditions with Christ at the heart and centre. I do desire to develop a passion for incorporating family traditions into our everyday life, as well as seasonal holidays as I haven’t personally had any family traditions that I have been involved in. This is just one aspect of being a keeper of my home and I am looking forward to exploring different ways that my husband and I can intentionally display Christ to others through hospitality, activities  and other creative ways. Pinterest is my best friend at the moment as I research different ways in which we can do this.

Also, I’d like us to develop truly meaningful traditions that can be passed on through generations, and help us all to know Jesus better. Christmas is one of the seasons that I am currently thinking about as we are currently in that season ha! As a naturally reclusive and introverted person, I am slowly growing to love and appreciate the power and purpose in community, friendship and family, and the strength and warmth that is experienced when like minded people get together for fellowship, song, prayer and fun. I believe that traditions can really enhance and enrich our lives, and deepen the experiences that we have with one another spiritually and physically.

Traditions can help us to cultivate the everyday ordinary routines and things that we do into something truly sacred and special, pointing us to the one thing that we value the most.. God. We can create so many wonderful and beautiful memories when we are intentional about how we use our time, and the relationships that we have with one another.

As it is Christmas time, I know that usually Santa Claus is the main centre of attraction during this season, however, I would really like us in our family (hubby and I) to do things differently. It isn’t within my plans as a wife and (one day God willing) mother to teach my Children about Santa Claus because he is not real (lol). Rather, I want us to honour and appreciate the real reason for the season.

Christmas is a truly wonderful time for us to reflect on the love of God for us which was demonstrated through Christ. It is a time for us to reflect on the act of selflessness that has blessed our lives, and look at ways in which we can show love to others in different ways. It is so much more than writing our long gift lists, and being sucked into the commercialisation of the season. I really want us to cultivate something meaningful and beautiful!

Whilst I start my search, I’ll also be committing it into prayer and see where the Lord leads! If you have any  current family traditions that you would love to share, I would love to hear them!

I pray that you have a wonderful few weeks celebrating and remembering Jesus Christ. If you are hosting a dinner, party or church gathering you could incorporate this beautiful Carol instrumental by Dappy T Keys (from Youtube). It’s so warm, inviting, and helpful in cultivating the rememberance of Christ (Here is the LINK to the video).









Have a wonderful week friends.

Praying for God’s best for you.


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  • Mercy says:

    Hi Alethea!

    This is my 4th Christmas as a wife and 3rd as a mum and we’re really just getting into Christmas this year. Trees, decorations, jumpers and all. The last few christmases I’ve either been pregnant and tired or just unmotivated. I started a Christmas card photo session with my son on his first Christmas. I’m so excited that this year there’ll be two kids in the photo. Other traditions we’re thinking of starting is going to Christmas Eve Carol at the village church (not our regular church, which is further away). We’ll also be having Christmas breakfast together, unwrapping presents and sharing the story of Jesus’s birth with the kids because it’s important to us that they know Christmas is about Jesus not Santa. There are other things we’ll be doing and I will write about it on my blog ( instead of clogging your comment section LOL!

    Enjoy the festivities and building new family traditions that will last generations!

    • Alethea Awuku says:

      Hey girl!
      Thanks for sharing! Oh I love love the photo session idea, and Christmas breakfast!!
      Aw yay! I’ll hop on over to your blog to have a read. Thank you love!
      Have a wonderful Christmas.
      God bless xx

Alethea Awuku

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