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This time last year, on the 26th February 2016 I married my sweet husband. I cannot believe how quickly time has gone by! Seriously, I am in shock! (even though from the moment, we were married, I was trying to plan our 1 year anniversary celebration ha-ha). I am so grateful that we can crown 1 year of marriage off with joy and a deeper appreciation of one another because Lord willing, we have many more years to go!

I tried to think of all the grand and exciting things that we could do to commemorate this occasion, and as it would be, our anniversary date has fallen on today, a Sunday- and so we will be celebrating together in fellowship with the church body- a befitting place to be to worship and thank God who has been, and always is so gracious and good to us.

I’ll always remember the Lord’s faithfulness to us during our wedding preparations and even on the day itself. How it all came together was due to His favour. As we married in February, I was nervous that the cold and grey weather would prevent us from capturing beautiful photos outside of our chosen venue, however even though it was chilly; as we stepped outside from the ceremony, the sun shone so radiantly! Such a wonderful gift to me.

What have I learnt in 1 year of marriage?

I have learnt a lot in this first year, and the learning never does stop!

One of the most important things that I have learnt is that the overall purpose of marriage is not to make us happy, but to make us holy, and you really do see how that is demonstrated in a marriage covenant. Of course, we do find immense joy, love, happiness and security within a marriage relationship, but ultimately, it is a spiritual relationship and shoud be seen as a means of sanctification in all areas of our personhood. It’s pretty deep! God is most glorified in the union when two people are willing to develop satisfaction and focus on Him.

God is such a genius.

Marriage is such an incredible mystery.

Indeed, men and women are so different and yet the union between two biologically different individuals is intended to bring Him glory.

It’s mind-blowing really, and demonstrates to me that my husband and I NEED Him in our marriage for it to flourish as He intends.

Can you be truly ready for marriage?

The foundations you build in your single years are really put through the test once you are married and more often than not, I have found myself buckling, and having to remind myself constantly of my foundations. Sanctification is a process- the process of being made or becoming the person that we have already been made into in Jesus Christ. This takes time, and if you think you are patient and kind, and loving as a single, this will certainly be put to the test if you are married!

I have learnt that love must mature- in fact, we must let love mature. The experience of young love is a season which in itself comes with its own blessings, thrill and excitement. As women, we can be prone to holding on for just a little too long to the feeling that young love brings, and this can lead us to selfish desires and actions.

In time, though, just as we grow physically and encounter different seasons, so it is with love. We must journey on into maturity; seeking and indeed developing spiritual fortitude in certain areas, desiring a deeper understanding, and a longer embrace with what true divine love demands of us- frail as we may be in our pursuit of it. Mature love requires more self-sacrifice, and a willingness to give rather than to receive.


Mature love doesn’t take away from the experience of young love. If anything it enhances it and sweetens its taste as we reminisce about the days and moments we encountered fresh new experiences- good and bad. When we mature in our love, we wax strong in experience, and girded by Biblical foundation, we can walk with much humility and wisdom- even if on this earth it is still in part!

It is my privilege to be a part of this vivid illustration of Christ and the Church, and to be journeying with my love.

Happy 1 year to us!

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Thank you to my dear friends Jesse Konadu at for capturing us at one year, and Tracey Owusu for the beautiful makeup. x

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  • DK says:

    Congratulations and Happy Anniversary, Podcast and …

  • Well, I’m a few months late, but thanks for linking this up and happy anniversary! Great thoughts on marriage. I hear you about holding on a little too long- thankful the Lord is sanctifying us- and teaching us when to let go to better glorify Him : )

  • Dear Alethea,

    What a beautiful post! So full of God’s wisdom! What a blessing that you understand the significance of marriage at this stage in your life. It took many years for so many of us. Congratulations to you both! Thanks for linking up on Mondays @ Soul Survival.

Alethea Awuku

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